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Chester is a webcomic made in the format of a Tumblr ask-blog.
Tumblr is a social media site, and on it there is a function for users to ask you (your blog) a question. Since Tumblr has a large artist/fandom presence, a type of blog called an "ask-blog" formed. The owner of the blog would pretend to be a character from a fandom, or original character, and answer the questions sent in as if they were that character. In this case, my character is Chester.

With some digging, the reader can discover a "crack" in the screen of Chester's about page. By clicking it, the reader begins to uncover the dark truth of this ask blog.

The theme itself is called "Woz", and it was created by Tumblr user @regionally-famous. I designed my character/set/UI to match this pre-existing theme. Please go check out the other themes they create at


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